Regulation & Litigation Support

Independent financial expertise and practical industry experience is required by:

+ Policy makers who need to understand the commercial framework within digital markets to encourage investment and job creation.

+ Regulators in the digital world who have to protect consumers and develop competition as well as enforcing remedies

+ Clients to support complex litigation cases, share valuations, competition issues, investment and business proposals and future plans.


A few of our project examples:

  • Adviser to European regulators on finance, costing and regulatory accounting
  • Strategic cost advice and detailed financial and legal analysis of a major operator for a potential anti – competitive case
  • Organisational Capacity Review and financial and market advice to a newly established regulatory authority
  • Financial input to regulatory consultations and licences on call termination charges, access valuations and financial reporting
  • Review of access pricing, including potential for margin squeeze and impact of tariff bundling scheme
  • Network cost causation and cost orientation projects for voice services, leased lines, access and broadband for regulators and operators
  • Expert witness for telecoms financial issues in Americas and Africa for legal disputes
  • Valuation of a significant shareholding in a mobile operator for a complex litigation case for a London Law Firm

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