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Corporate communications companies, Regulators and professional firms such as Consultants seek to appoint the very best candidates. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to assist clients with the confidential search and selection of senior executives in the UK and overseas.

Quality training is essential to develop expertise for in-house executives – both for the users and the preparers of financial information. Financial information reports are prepared by executives who need to grasp complex issues of today’s technology in the communication sector. Equally, senior executives, as users of the financial reports, need to understand the impact on business results and on regulatory decisions. Importantly, Regulators also need to justify decisions and draw appropriate conclusions from the information they are presented with.

We have promoted training and capacity building in a variety of organisations for many years, both in the UK and overseas, including universities, by delivering challenging workshops and customised master classes in communications finance and accounting and “communications industry briefings”.

A few of our project examples:

  • International executive search and selection services to find, for example, lawyers, economists, accountants and technical/engineers and IT candidates for corporate communications firms, transport and utilities, governments and regulatory clients and a charity
  • One to one coaching for senior finance and non-financial managers
  • Communications finance training workshops in Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia for both operators and regulators
  • Radio Spectrum finance masterclass for a major international mobile operator
  • Radio Spectrum finance workshops, including Market and DCF case studies, for ITU-R Geneva, tech UK, Policy Tracker and various international regulators including ComReg Ireland
  • Visiting lectures for UCL London Dept. of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, other universities and business schools in the UK and overseas
  • “Connectivity Changes Everything” for SMEs workshops , for a law firm and a multinational technology company

“We had professional presenters who have the knowledge and practical experience of the telecom industry. I confirm that you will never regret by choosing telcoconsulting as your trainer in future.   This has been the best programme ever attended, strong eye opener to the regulatory models.“ (A telecoms operator)

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