Our Expertise

telcoconsulting is an independent firm who advise on the impact of strategic finance, regulatory and accounting issues in digital communications and space sectors.

What we do:  provide specialist advice in three main areas:

  • The financial impact on communications companies, including fixed and mobile operators. We analyse their retail customer, wholesale markets and product financial performance, using rigorous analytical financial techniques, accounting and costing methods, including asset valuations
  • To regulators, operators, economic consultants and professional law firms, including for litigation
  • And we care about developing people, offering clients confidential executive search services, mentoring, industry briefing and finance masterclass training.

Who we are: 

The firm has many years’ experience. Bob Franklin and Anna Coast, the directors, are well respected finance experts and qualified accountants, with previous employment in international law firms and major professional accounting firms. We have also been senior finance executives in quoted operating companies in the sector.



Our approach: Starting from our professional career foundation, followed by hands on practical industry experience and now leading many successful international assignments, gives us a unique industry insight. We bring credible, independent and rigorous analysis to your projects – second to none for any major international firm.  Clients’ staff are encouraged to learn with us on projects – working flexibly, assisting in investigations, producing confidential reports or public consultations,peer reviews, implementing solutions and transferring knowledge. Teams can include associates such as economic consultants and engineering experts. telcoconsulting has worked for organisations both large and small in over 25 countries; in the UK, Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific and Caribbean, and in many Commonwealth countries.

For us, client benefits and value come first. Our unique project approach is speedy delivery and flexibility – with a personal supportive style, rapid mobilisation and response to tackling complex finance issues, combined with very high standards and independence. Our task is to share our expertise and at fees you the client can afford.

Contact us:    

Bob Franklin +44 (0)7776 202889   bob@telcoconsulting.co.uk                

Anna Coast +44 (0) 7860 547922   anna@telcoconsulting.co.uk